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Amy Aela, an Indian-Australian actress renowned for roles in films like "Runway 34," "Bloody Daddy," and "Karmma Calling," commands a devoted fan base exceeding 5 million. Beyond her acting prowess, Amy is an entrepreneur, speaker, and animal rights advocate, boasting over 13 years of experience in luxury events and marketing. She initiated Australia's largest fashion show before venturing to India. Now, she merges her acting career with sustainability advocacy, interviewing global figures on ethics, environment, and health.

In 2024, Amy's impactful work earned her PETA's Green Influencer of the Year award, leading to international panel invitations. Amy's latest venture, "Meat Less Meet More," orchestrates plant-based luxury events fostering networking sans animal harm. Their debut at Akina garnered substantial media attention, solidifying Amy's commitment to sustainable luxury. Hosting events at esteemed venues like Jolies and Soho, Amy pioneers the idea that opulence and sustainability are harmonious, propelling positive change globally.

Amy Aela

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